The STERCP project is an international collaboration between partners in both Norway and the Netherlands. It is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. STERCP is a continuation of the SUMO: Super Modeling by combining imperfect models project, which was funded under Framework Program 7 of the European Union.

Supermodelling is a novel approach to combine different models dynamically. The models exchange information during the simulation which leads to new synchronized solutions, a supermodel. New learning methods are developed to train this combination of models using observational data. If the models complement each other, the supermodel potentially outperforms the imperfect individual models.

The STERCP project is divided into four work packages. The first work package aims to develop methods to reduce the systematic error of models. The second, third and fourth work package aim to investigate the predictability of the supermodel, whether the supermodel is able to reflect the interannual, decadal and climate variability.